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June 24, 2020
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June 24, 2020



4 JUNE 2020

Good morning Ovie parents

It is with a heart filled with joy and gratitude to announce that our school was able to open the doors for our Grade 12 learners on Monday, 1 June. I really want to thank every parent for sending their children to school.  Our average class attendance is currently 96% and we are aiming for 100%.  The school has been disinfected, the educators are on their posts and we are keeping our heads (and masks) up.

I would like to thank you all for ensuring that electronic learning (distance learning) continued during the lockdown period for all the grades.  The dedication and excellent work of the educators must be mentioned.  The past two months have had challenges, but we want to try to make all homework available to parents at one central point.

To accomplish this task, we created a google classroom for each grade.  In each class, the subjects are listed and the entire week’s work will be available for download every Thursday at 10:00. Subjects that have more than 4 periods per cycle will load a maximum of 4 lessons per week.  Subjects that have less than 4 periods per cycle will load a maximum of 2 lessons per week.  Every Thursday, weekly planning for each subject will be loaded so you can tick off what is already completed.


To access google classroom, you need to:

If you use a cellphone   If you use a computer
1 Download the google classroom from the playstore. 1 Open the search engine.
2 Open the app. 2 Search google classroom.
3 Click the plus sign next to the google classroom heading. 3 Click google classroom on the options provided.
4 Select            the      option:                       Join classroom. 4 Click the plus sign in the upperright.
5 Enter the class code provided. 5 Select the ‘Join class’ option.
6 Enter the class code provided.


The class codes for each grade are as follows:

8 w2xk5c3
9 gvyo4j4
10 dun3lzs
11 d3pwqfn
12 gxetu56


Since our grade 12 learners are at school, only a summary of the work done in class is provided with resources such as WCED’s e-portal.

May parents keep their children at home?  There are three possible scenarios:

  • Parents may want to keep their child in the formal school system (public schools or independent schools), but the learner has an underlying illness.

It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the school of the learner’s underlying illness and increased risk.  In such a case, the absence can still be handled in accordance with national policy and the school must take reasonable steps to help the learner continue with electronic learning.  The parents will have to take responsibility with the school to ensure that the learner participates.

  • Parents may want to keep their child in the formal school system (public schools or independent schools); the learner has no underlying illness but the parents are concerned about the child’s safety.

Overberg High School will do our best to communicate with parents to convince them that formal schooling is safe and of the best interest for the learner.  We have already had two inspections from the District Office and all health regulations are in place.  I can proudly announce that all of our grade 12 learners are already at school and some absentees due to medical and personal circumstances have been reported.

  • Parents want to get their child out of the formal school system and rather teach at home. The learner leaves the formal school system and the child is no longer enrolled at Overberg High School.

Section 51 of the Schools Act provides that a parent may apply to the Head of Department to register a learner for home schooling.  The HOD may continue to register the learner as such if he/she is satisfied that:

  • the registration is in the interest of the learner:
  • the education that the learner will receive at home meets the requirements and is not of a lower standard than those in public schools;  and
  • the parent complies with any other reasonable conditions set by the HOD.

Parents must inform the school that the learner will receive homeschooling in the future.  The school is under no obligation to support or assist a learner who is registered for homeschooling at any level.

From the school’s side, I will keep you informed by communicating regularly.  The school complies with all safety standards and practices.  I know some of our parents have fears. You can talk to me at any time so that I can assist you in making the right decisions.  We cannot guarantee that our learners will not get the virus, but we can assure you that they are our most precious possession at school and therefore we strive 100% to apply to the contingency protocol.

It is available at d6 under Resources.

I want to share with you  the next message to encourage all of us that we are all important to God.  He knows us by name;  He knows about our fears and problems.  Stop for a moment and know that He is in control.  Sometimes we make ourselves so tired of trying to solve everything on our own.  You are God’s beloved child.  He loves you dearly.

Gracious one

She was not a chosen one.  And yet she repeatedly called to Him.  Believed that He could heal her child from evil forces.  Somewhere in her spirit, this Canaanite woman of whom we read in Matthew 15: 21-28 knew that Jesus’ grace is for all men and that His love is unlimited.

“Please just drop a piece of your grace to my side!” she begged.  Then we read how stunned Jesus is about her childlike faith.  And how He answered.

God does not seek the chosen.  He seeks people who acknowledge their dependence on Him, kneel before Him in humility and ask for His grace.  Such are his chosen ones.

Dear woman, your faith is strong! What you desire will be done for you.”        Mat. 15: 28


Kind regards.

Hanneke Strydom

Acting Principal